Your Skin On Water - The What, How & Why

By Minji

  • The hydration trifecta for healthy skin includes moisturizers, humidifiers, and last but not least, drinking water
  • I count tea towards my water intake and try to drink ~9 cups daily at room temperature or warmer
  • Read on for more tips on how to develop a water habit that works for you~ 

Here at SeoulofSkin, we believe in the hydration trifecta which includes applying hydrating products such as serum or moisturizer to your skin, adding water to the air around you with a humidifier, and lastly, hydrating from the inside out by drinking water.

Water! So simple yet complex.  With all the focus on the importance of drinking enough water, I sometimes feel like it’s gotten more confusing than ever.  How many glasses should I drink in a day?  At what temperature and at what times? Do other beverages or food count towards my water intake besides just plain old water? Should I worry about ever drinking too much?  The questions are endless on what once felt like a simple principle – drinking water is good for you and your skin.

The most important thing to remember is to trust your body and the signals it’s sending.  If your pee looks dark or is stinky – you probably should drink more water. On the other hand, if you’re running to the bathroom non-stop and your pee looks clear like water, maybe you’ve had enough.  If you feel thirsty or hungry even when you shouldn’t, consider drinking a cup.  Everyone is different and your body and the hints it sends should be your greatest guide.

With that said, if you want a simple example of exactly what, how and why I incorporate “water” into my day for healthy skin, read on!  First, on the topic of “what” – studies show that beverages like milk, juice and tea should count towards your quota.  Drinking water with amino acids, fats, vitamins or minerals helps the body take up more of the water.  Foods count too, but for me, to keep it simple, I try to drink 9-10 cups (8 fl. Oz) of “water” a day and focus on plain water and tea (mainly because I try to stay away from sugary juices and dairy products). 

Moving on to the “how” and “why.”  I believe water temperature matters.  Unless I’m in a sweaty work out or otherwise extremely hot environment (for example, in hot yoga class), I drink my water at room temperature or warmer.  In Korea, drinking cold water with hot food is seen as creating an imbalance that can be harmful for your digestive system and impede circulation.  My mom has warned me for years to never drink cold water on an empty stomach – especially, the first sip of liquid you have in the morning should be at least room temperature.

I try to incorporate my water intake throughout the day instead of chugging full cups at a time.  Studies have shown that sipping water throughout the day prevents the kidneys from being overworked, and can help retain better hydration levels.  So as soon as I wake up, I’ll have a warm glass with lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper.  During my morning workouts, I’ll have another glass or two. Then around mid-morning, I’ll have a cup of tea.  30 minutes before lunch, I’ll have my fourth glass of water.  During lunch, I’ll have my fifth.  30 minutes or so after lunch, I’ll have another cup of tea, preferably green. Around 3pm, I’ll have my seventh cup of water.  An hour or so before dinner, I’ll have my eighth glass of water.  During dinner or after, I’ll have my ninth and last cup in the form of herbal tea, all before 8pm. 

This is a loose description and depending on my schedule, I average around 9-10 glasses per day. I personally think having a general routine that sticks to you like a habit is much easier than chugging around a gallon bottle, but do whatever works for you. And always remember, water is good for you and most of us could benefit from more, but obsessing over your water intake or drinking too much can be harmful too!