Yoga - My Go-To Skincare Workout

By Minji

  • As the years pass me by, yoga is the best workout for my overall health and skin
  • Yoga can help build muscle tone, flexibility, and vitality, all great for the skin
  • Try out Lauren's amazing free vinyasa flow yoga class here from the comfort of home! 

As I kick off the new year with high hopes and dreams (especially for my skin!), as one of my core resolutions, I recommit to my practice of yoga.  As the years pass me by, I’m realizing that yoga is the best workout for my overall health and skin.  Gone are the days where spending an hour at the gym every morning or running vigorously felt right.  If you’ve never tried yoga but are obsessed with skincare like me, I’d love to extend a gentle invitation to start exploring a yoga practice for an abundant and glowful 2020.     

One reason I think all skincare fanatics like me should yoga is for the mental benefits.  I’ve been mediating for many years now and yoga was my introduction to meditation.  Many say yoga can be described as a moving meditation.  Because there’s movement to keep you engaged, it can be easier to start with than a stoic sitting mediation practice.  A regular yoga and meditation practice have been fundamental to my overall skincare health.  When I lack inner balance and peace, it never fails to show up in my face and skin.  Whether it’s the one off break out of an annoying pimple, or the general color of my complexion, if you look closely enough, the exterior will show off any inner turbulence.   

I can still vividly remember my first yoga class.  It was during a time that I prioritized work over everything else. I was basically dragged to my first class at 5pm on a Friday by a co-worker.  I still remember being annoyed that I would be wasting time but ended up quickly changing my mind.   

The studio was beautiful with a huge glass wall through which I could see the sun setting.  I felt the warmth and beauty of the deep colors of the sun while maneuvering my body into poses that were new but felt like coming home. That one class changed my life. Not in a big punch kind of way, but in a subtle ripple sort of way. It was the trigger to the gradual changes that have happened in my life to bring me closer to my true self… and abundant and healthy skin too.

I was hooked after one class and made extreme efforts to incorporate a regular yoga practice into my already hectic schedule.  In particular, I was lucky enough to find Lauren as a teacher.  Her classes are magical in that she will take you on a physical and mental journey.  As your body is challenged and engaged, you will also feel the wisdom and nourishment of her teachings through your mind, heart, and soul - no better way to learn and grow.  Read more here for Lauren's take on yoga and skincare. You can also experience Lauren's amazing free vinyasa flow yoga class here from the comfort of home! 

People less familiar to yoga sometimes think it’s just for flexibility, but yoga is hugely versatile and can range from an intense cardio workout with hand weights, to a yin class where you hold one pose for 3-5 minutes at times. Yoga can help build muscle tone, flexibility, and vitality, all good things for the skin.  It can also help build suppleness in the joints and keep you healthy and young.  It will enhance your circulation and digestion. And the best part is, you can do it out of the sun and without any risk of sagging or stressing out your skin!

At the end of last year, mostly to deepen my personal practice, I took the extra step and completed my 200-hour certified yoga teacher training program with Lauren as my teacher.  Committing 12 hours every weekend for 3 months to yoga was not easy, but a worthwhile endeavor.  It has made me stronger and more radiant, both inside and out.  If you haven’t already, won’t you give yoga a try, for your skin and beyond?