Why I Love Our Facial Sheet Mask

By Susie

  • We're so excited to share our Detox + Hydrate Facial Sheet Masks with you!
  • There are so many reasons we made and love this product, starting with the clean and potent ingredients list to the pretty prices
  • Read more to learn all the details of why you should try it!

There are so many reasons why we made and love our Detox + Hydrate Facial Sheet Masks, but let me just share a few of the highlights!

When we’re evaluating any type of skincare product, we ask ourselves the following key questions:

  1. What’s in the ingredients list?
  2. Do we like the application experience?
  3. Do we like the packaging?
  4. How’s the price?

I’ll answer each question one by one and take you through the thought process of why we made this product and why we love it so much.

  1. What’s in the ingredients list?

We review ingredients from a scientific perspective and also a values perspective.  By scientific, we mean we want to see ingredients that are proven to be effective and perform a specific function – for facial sheet masks, that would be adding a boost of hydration and nourishment to enhance your daily skincare routine.    

For our first sheet masks, we wanted to focus on the hydration factor. Hydration and proper moisturization are the holy grail of skincare in our opinion. Here at SeoulofSkin, we believe in the hydration trifecta which includes using hydrating products like this facial sheet mask, adding water to the air around you with a humidifier, and lastly, hydrating from the inside out by drinking lots of water.

So for the ingredients list, we really focused on putting together an ultra-hydrating and moisturizing list of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and arginine (amino acid). Then we added a detox and purifying twist by using bamboo charcoal infused black cotton sheets instead of the standard white sheets you see more commonly out there. 

In terms of values, we look to see if the ingredients are clean and free from harmful toxins such as parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, formaldehydes, sulfates, ethanolamines (MEA, DEA & TEA), silicones, drying alcohol and more.  Also, we want an ingredients list short enough to easily understand. Our collective skincare experience has shown us that we don’t need to put 40-50 different random ingredients on our skin – we just need the few proven ones at the right dosage.     

Our facial sheet mask has a total of just 15 which fits into the general “15 or less” ingredients standard we set out with and clearly shows how less can be more when it comes to skincare products.

2. Do I like the application experience?

The skincare product experience really comes down to texture and smell.  For texture, we wanted a facial sheet mask with cotton as the base material drenched in a lightweight but plentiful hydrating concoction of skincare goodies. 

As a BLT mom, I particularly love how I can enjoy a blissful maskitation session, then just remove and discard this mask once I’m done instead of having to wash or rinse off.

As for smell, it’s fragrance free.  If you notice any subtle scents, know that they are coming naturally from the ingredients.  In particular, for those of you with sensitive to smell, you might even get a whiff of the bamboo charcoal!

Once you get used to fragrance free and unscented products, you seriously will start to notice all the fake smelling overly scented products out there and will have a hard time leaving fragrance free. 

If you’re looking to add some luxurious scents to your body, better to accomplish that with an essential oil roller or body products rather than skincare products you’re applying to sensitive face skin.  

3. Do I like the packaging?

As previously discussed, packaging comes down to whether it’s adequate to protect the ingredients and also the sustainability factor.   

With the intent of reducing packaging materials for the environment, we considered packaging in one resealable pack but ultimately opted against it as it could result in the masks drying out.  With optimal hydration as our number one concern, we opted for individually packed masks and focused on keeping the pouch sizes smaller to use less materials and reduce trash. 

We’ll be the first to admit we have more progress to make on the sustainability angle and are hoping we can one day make the pouches using more sustainable materials. All of our boxes are made with 100% recycled paper and environmentally friendly ink.

4. How’s the price?

Price is one of the aspects of our products I’m most proud about and happy to share with you.  They’re really “pretty” and hopefully affordable for most of you because we cut out middle-men, glossy ads, glamorous models and made them with the intent of sharing with our friends, family and community.

So much more to say, but in a nutshell, this is why we made and love the Soffli Detox + Hydrate Facial Sheet Masks.  Please try it for yourself and make sure to leave us a review so we can hear your thoughts and continue to improve!