'Tis The Season...To Keep Up With Your Disciplines

By Charity

  • Don't let the holidays sidetrack you and result in preventable skin problems
  • For sweets, set a discipline of only consuming those with a lower glycemic index or a certain amount each week
  • For beauty sleep, it’s all about setting and sticking to a schedule that works for you 

Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin spice lattes and deciduous trees are signaling the end of the year is around the corner. Sometimes, I find myself blindsided in the months leading up to the holidays. Whatever disciplines I had throughout the year seem to dissipate. . . what diet, what budget, since when did I care about my sleep?

Here’s the thing: when we blow the healthy diet and give up on the beauty sleep, our skin takes the beating! What can you do when offerings of sugar delights come in pretty packaging at the office, directly in the mail or call for you in the grocery store? Before I know it, I’m reaching before I’m thinking and one, two . . . ten sweets later I throw my hands up and say, heck . . . 'tis the season! An unsightly pimple emerges onto my face, telling me I’ve been eating way too much sugar for way too long. What is your sign?

Here are two great tips for managing sweets during the holidays:

First, consume some protein each time you consume something with a high glycemic index; and

Second, take the opportunity to experiment and make some sweets using alternative sugar sources with a much lower glycemic index (e.g., coconut sugar, stevia, or tiny doses of maple syrup).

I am not going to suggest NOT participating in the holiday cheer of little sugar-coated edible things, but can I encourage you to think of how your skin and the rest of your body will react two weeks, or even one month from now? Be mindful and monitor your intake. Try to set a discipline of only consuming sweets with a lower glycemic index, or a certain amount each week. Your skin will thank you!

And what about sleep? It’s all about adhering to the schedule that works for your life. Sleep is so vital for our brains and body for repairing. Having a partner or friend with whom you can share the same sentiments and help each other stay in balance is a gift.

My husband and I recently acknowledged (yet again) our weakness for letting activities run our schedule. Out of this collective awareness, we’ve decided to intentionally address this challenge through the holiday season. We started by identifying what is the value and goal we want to achieve throughout this time of year. What do we need in place, both spiritually and mentally, in order to stay fully engaged and whole? Perhaps the value is togetherness with friends and the goal is to NOT have three weekends in a row filled up with late nights and a bustle of activities.

Finding the intersection where the value and goal align with preservation of our rhythms is the desired outcome. Stating the value and goal enables us to bounce ideas off of each other. By having someone who will check in on you and will encourage healthy sleeping patterns during the holidays, you are more likely to stay grounded in any busy season.

I am joining you in the effort to be intentional with our disciplines this holiday season. Happy Holidays!