The Best K-Drama To Binge Watch Now & Added Skincare Tips!

By Minji

  • Have you explored the fascinating world of K-dramas? 
  • In case you're looking for a recommendation, try "My Mister" on Netflix - hands down one of the best shows on TV today
  • As an added benefit, we explore the main character (K-pop star IU)'s skincare secrets! 

Despite having grown up in Seoul, I never watched Korean TV shows (or K-drama) until recently.  I always thought they were a bit cliché with one dimensional characters and often the same plot line – poor beautiful helpless girl gets rescued by rich handsome capable man, despite various obstacles along the way, which would often include other vicious and jealous (but extravagant!) females after the same guy.

This has come a long way.  Now I find that many K-dramas have refreshing story lines that are hard to find in American TV shows.  The subtlety of emotions, words and actions only found in Korean culture are often depicted with precision and they bring me back to why I love this country and culture so much, of course, including Korean skincare habits and rituals

For people less familiar, it could be an opportunity to try out a totally different type of entertainment which might be refreshing – especially for those of you out there who liked the movie "Parasite" and are looking for something different to binge watch?

If that’s you and you happen to have a Netflix subscription, try “My Mister.” This K-drama series is comprised of 16 episodes (ranging from about an hour to an hour and a half each) and won the highest award for a drama series in Korea in 2019. In case you don't speak Korean, I know it's annoying to have to read substitles, but this one is worth the added effort.

The plot is summarized something along the lines of, “a man in his 40s enduring the weight of his life and a lonely woman in her early 20s, who also has a hard life, come together to heal each other's scars.”

Please don’t let this lackluster description dissuade you – I can confidently say it’s one of the best show on TV today period.  Also, in case you’re like me and generally gravitate away from heavy or gloomy story lines, please also don’t let the first couple of episodes turn you off – the dark scenes from the beginning are necessary to set the table and what you’ll take away from the entire series is a sense of good and beauty in the world.

One of K-pop’s biggest stars today, Lee Ji-eun, aka IU is the star of the show. She brings a depth and rawness to the main character that you’ll certainly appreciate.  In addition, despite playing a character who probably doesn’t have the time or resources to dedicate to skincare or any type of self care really, her skin is glowing.

In Seoul, IU is particularly famous for her flawless milky white complexion (another important topic, but colorism exists in many Asian counties, including Korea). I researched some of her skincare habits and tips and below is what I found:

The next time you’re ready to explore and indulge, give My Mister a try for your soul and IU’s skincare tips for your skin!

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