The Four Keys To Happiness

“In order to preserve an elevated state of mind, be happy for those who are happy, cultivate compassion for those who are sad, feel joy for those deemed to be lucky, and experience equanimity toward those perceived to be wicked.”

Are you passionate about having a calm, serene, and peaceful mind? Would you like to not just be happy but to also sustain your happiness and well-being? Well, ancient wisdom tells us that this is possible by understanding the four keys to happiness, which have to do with how we relate to others.

In order to sustain your happiness, you need four keys.  Key number one is friendliness; key number two, compassion; key number three, joy; and key number four, equanimity. Just by having these four keys, you’ll be empowered to open any lock in life that you encounter. Let’s take a closer look at these four keys.

First, when you encounter a happy person, use the friendliness key.

You’re going to notice when someone in your life is happy. You might even notice that sometimes it brings up the opposite reaction within you. You might be down that day, and you see somebody being happy and you go into a negative reaction or start judging… whatever it is, the important thing to remember is that these negative responses to somebody else being happy comes from what’s called your pain body or the ego. 

If we’re not feeling good and somebody else is, then we’re jealous. Have a sense of humor with your pain body. You want to develop a relationship where, when you see it, you can recognize it, and allow it to have less of a grip on you.

The second key is, when you encounter someone sad or unhappy, use the compassion key.

Being compassionate requires an open and courageous heart. It takes tremendous courage to be attuned to the great sufferings of the world. The beautiful thing is that research shows that when we’re compassionate and generous, whether that’s with our presence, attention, knowledge, or money, we also equally receive.

The third key says, when you encounter someone successful or lucky, use the joy key.

If we’re honest, we can really fall short on this third key. And we’ve probably been both the perpetrator and the victim. When we compare ourselves to others, whether we feel inferior or superior, we create tremendous suffering. This is because we think that there’s not enough -if that person gets something, that means there won’t be something for us.

The beauty is, we can choose another way of moving through life by focusing on abundance and growing gratitude, which will then bring joy. If we believe there is more than enough to go around, then those benevolent qualities get reinforced and become the pattern. We can wire this into our personalities, which creates an elevated mind and attracts more and more abundance into our lives.

The last key might be the most difficult of them all. When you encounter a wicked person or a hater, use the equanimity key.

The next time somebody says something hurtful to you, ask yourself, is it true? And if it’s not, just let it go. No happy person, no healthy, stable person, is going around the world and trying to hurt other people.  Only hurt people try and hurt other people. Have that wisdom and that clear understanding that it’s not about you. It’s about them.

It’s okay to receive fair criticism. We should take that in when it comes from a good place, from a place of love. But when it comes from hate, toxicity or negativity, then it’s not ours to take. That belongs to them. Let them keep it. And therefore, you will maintain a calm, happy, elevated state of mind.

So now that you know these four keys, you’ve got to put them into action. You’ve got to put them into practice.  

Bring the friendliness to when you see happy people. See somebody happy, whoever it is, feel happiness for them. When you see somebody suffering, feel compassion for them. If somebody’s very successful, even if it’s somebody that gets something that you want, feel joy for them. Be in that abundance consciousness. Lastly, when you encounter somebody wicked, mean or nasty, keep your mind steady and remember that whatever they say, whatever they do, it’s not about you.  

When you use these four keys with those four locks, you will maintain that elevated state of mind and unlock true happiness.

*Summarized (with permission) from The 4 Keys To Happiness*