Stop Leaning On Your Face!

By Minji

  • Stop absent-mindedly leaning on your face!
  • It can cause wrinkles, a bad impression, breakouts and even facial asymmetry
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Your mother surely told you about the importance of good posture.  The beautiful ballerina with the confident tossed back head and straight shoulders.  Even if we sometimes fall out of our ideal physical posture, we know to come back to it.  Or at the minimum, we can trust that the nagging inner critic will yell at us when we’re hunching our shoulders too much or constantly looking down at things.  But have you thought about the everyday positions and posture of your face?   

The biggest faux pas you can make when it comes to face posture is absent mindedly leaning on your face.  I mean, when you lean your cheek against your fist or your open hand and create unnecessary wrinkles around that area.  Does this sound familiar?  Most of us are guilty of subconsciously doing this at least once in a while.  It happens when you’re sitting in a boring meeting you can’t leave.  Or sometimes when you’re just feeling lazy or tired.  Especially if you’re like me and have a big old head, leaning it on something can feel light and nice.  But this seemingly harmless habit comes at a price.  

The obvious issue is that it can cause unnecessary wrinkles.  Hopefully you know by now that I like to think of face skin like paper or fabric.  Constantly putting your face in a position where you’re creating unnecessary wrinkles in the same areas of your face over and over again can contribute to permanent lines one day.  Second, if your hands aren’t super clean, it can cause blemishes or breakouts on your face – and you know chances are your hands are never 100% clean. 

Another big reason to break this habit is not physical but mental.  When you’re leaning on your face like this, not only is it bad for your skin, but it also gives off the impression that you’re not engaged or truly present.  Combating this habit should not only help with supple skin, but also assist you in giving off the right energy so people feel more connected to you.  Lastly, if you carry it to the extreme, having poor facial posture and resting your face against your hand frequently can supposedly even contribute to facial asymmetry.

Was this enough to convince you to stop doing this?  If you’re a true addict and tied to this position, try to break the habit in phases.  In situations where you really feel the urge to do this, at least make sure the lean is creating as few lines as possible.  Instead of leaning your face on your hand via cheek contact, consider resting your head on your hand through contact with the bottom of your chin.  This should alleviate harsh lines.  Once you’re comfortable with this stage, next focus on putting as little pressure on the hand as you can when you’re leaning.  Once you’ve got this, taking the hand away entirely shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Sounds like weaning a child off of thumb sucking, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s just as important to do this for your skin so get on a plan today!