Stickers For My Face? Yes, Please!

By Susie

  • Stickers for the face have helped me with my acne problem
  • There are micro-needling stickers that can help with pimple scars too
  • They are fun to play with and can bring out the inner child in you!

Recently I observed my seven-year-old daughter playing with stickers.  It brought back all kinds of nostalgia for me.  I remember as a kid having my sticker album and collection.  I would arrange my stickers in the album and when I gave one away to trade, I remember ever so clearly lifting the sticker by the edges and praying it wouldn’t tear. 

I wanted to give my daughter the same experience so once she turned seven, I rushed out and bought her an album with stickers of all kinds to put in it.  She was excited, played with it for a week and hasn’t touched it since.  I proceeded to take over and arranged all her stickers by size, scent and category.  It was extremely gratifying for me.

Needless to say, stickers take me back to a fun place in my childhood.  So when I came across stickers for the face that addressed skincare issues as well, I was all in.  As you might know, I get pimples from time to time, especially around that “monthly” time.  Previously, I would slather on products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.  But now, I can enjoy peeling off a sticker for my face with the same care and joy I used to feel as a kid and stick them on my pimple!

The stickers are round dots loaded with pimple fighting ingredients that I can leave on while I sleep.  If caught early enough, the stickers are supposed to stop the pimple from fully forming.  If the pimple does happen to form, I found other stickers that help absorb the white head appear faster and speed up healing.  They’ve been working for me and I love them.  There is something about peeling the stickers off that clear-backing that speaks to my inner child and the idea that is helping my skin speaks to my grownup needs.

Since then I’ve also come across micro-needling stickers.  I use these to help with the acne scars my pimples sometimes leave behind.  It’s like a velcro patch that feels like tiny pricks on the skin.  Using micro-needling technology, the stickers create micro-channels that help enhance absorption of brightening serums that help combat hyperpigmentation.  

I’ve just started using these so more to come on its effectiveness.  The pimple stickers however definitely have worked for me.  I use them as soon as I feel a painful bump forming and I’ve been able to stop them from fully developing into angry red trolls.  I like to think the stickers are hard at work while I’m sleeping and dreaming of the perfect sticker trade.

If you come across them and have issues with pimples like I do, I recommend you give them a try.  If you don’t like them, just draw happy faces on them and put them in your kid’s sticker albums!