Start Kids Early On Skincare

By Susie

  • Start skincare habits early with kids; when they’ll still listen to you!
  • Incorporate accessories like a fluffy headband and bathrobe to make it fun
  • Keep it simple with a good face wash and moisturizer to start

When my daughter was born, my first wish was that she would be happy and healthy always.  My close second wish was she would have my hair and my husband’s skin.  In every picture I’ve seen of my husband as a child and every day I’ve lived with him, I can count on two hands the number of pimples I’ve seen. Part of my wish came true.  My daughter was born with a head full of hair so thick it shot straight up and she looked like she was in a constant state of shock.  

Fast forward to age seven, she is active and outdoors all the time.  One day I noticed a couple of tiny bumps on her forehead.  After a few days they were still there and I thought to myself, “could these possibly be pimples??? At such a young age?!”  After doing some research I learned kids can actually get pimples quite young.  I realized with as much physical activity as she is engaging in these days, she needs to make sure her face is clean.  Even if the second part of my wish didn’t come true, at the minimum, I didn’t want her to struggle with acne for a lifetime the way that I have.

After some research, I found a clean face wash and simple moisturizer that was safe for kids and two days later (thank you, Amazon Prime), my daughter began her skincare journey.  I expected her to be reluctant so I tried to make it fun and got her a fluffy spa headband and robe.  She actually enjoyed it!  The fact that she’s at that age where she's trying to gain her independence and wants to feel like a grown-up was working to my advantage.

The bumps went away and I never confirmed whether they were really pimples or not.  She continues to wash her face every night.  It’s not always neat, there’s often soap in her hair and on her face still.  But like any important habit, I’m happy that she’s starting early.  Higher chances this will develop into a solid daily ritual for her.  If she remembers to brush her teeth, she will remember also to wash her face and use lotion.

Based on personal experience, my advice to all moms is to start kids young on learning the importance of skincare.  Whether it’s just a simple thing like washing their face during bath time with water and a washcloth or finding a fun face wash or moisturizer to use, keep it simple but start early with a daily ritual.  I realized, while my daughter is at that age where she’s gaining her independence, she is also young enough to still do what I tell her to.  She wants to hold my hand and she trusts what I tell her so when I say “girl, go wash your face!”, she does it.  

Will that be the case seven more years from now - will she still listen to me?  That was my third wish when she was born, that she would listen to me always.  And if she doesn’t?  Well I hope she at least has healthy skin and good skincare habits for life.