Skincare Secrets I Learned From Mom (Zandra's Story)

Continuing on with our “Skincare secrets I learned from mom” series where the purpose is to discuss skincare habits and tips with real women from diverse backgrounds, today we’re excited to bring you Zandra’s story. 

Zandra is a 43, mom of two young kids, working in the advertising industry. I (=Susie) have known Zan since high school and in every picture I look back on, no matter the year, she looks exactly the same. How is that possible?

I think part of it comes from her smile, it is warm and inviting and reflects her calm spirit.  Her older sister (pictured above on the right) has the same joyful and youthful smile. I better start practicing in the mirror!

Below is a summary of what she shared with us:

  1. What's your age, cultural/ethnic background and skin type?

I'm 43 and Filipino, with some Chinese on my mom’s side and Spanish on my dad’s.  My skin type is combination.

  1. What is your detailed skincare routine?

My skincare routine has varied throughout the years. I went through phases of trying the latest trends and products, but I usually revert back to a simple routine of face wash, moisturizer, eye cream and sunscreen.  I’ve been more mindful of ingredients lately and have been leaning more toward clean products. I do a weekly face mask and occasional facials.

  1. Any secrets or tips unique to your skincare routine?

To get the feel of an at-home mini facial, I use a rose quartz tool to help with circulation and product absorption or a massaging beauty roller on my face and neck to uplift and energize the skin.

  1. Tell me about your mom, sister, aunts did other women around you influence your skincare journey?

My mom (pictured above) and I were complete opposites when it came to skincare. Although she grew up near the ocean in the Philippines, she avoided the sun as much as possible. It definitely paid off for her, as she always looked years younger, with smooth and glowing skin. I, however, spent my teen years laying out in the sun for hours.

We also had a different approach to skincare products. She was loyal to the same inexpensive drugstore face cream for over 30 years and wore very little makeup, while I switched between one high-priced skincare and makeup product after another. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to embrace her ‘less is more’ philosophy. I no longer spend hours in the sun, and I’ve minimized the number of products I use on my skin.

My sister, who is 10 years older than me, is somewhere in the middle. She does experiment with different products but sticks to the same one for quite some time once she finds something she likes. She’s always maintained a youthful appearance as well, with a few people mistaking her for the younger sister (which, of course, she’ll never let me forget).

Most importantly, I believe their resilience and positive outlook on life makes their inner beauty shine through on the outside.

  1. As a fellow busy mom of two kids, do you have any skincare hacks or tip to share?

As I’m sure many working women can relate to, my office desk is pretty much my second home so I’ve stocked it with self-care essentials.  I keep a hydrating facial mist to spray a few times a day on my face and neck, as well as hand lotion, lip balm and of course plenty of water.  I also no longer wear makeup every day, which saves time in the morning and has made a noticeable improvement on my skin.

  1. What is top of mind for you these days when it comes to skincare?

As much as I’d like to embrace aging gracefully, I’ve noticed fine lines developing so I’m using eye cream more consistently. Stress can take a toll on my skin, so I’ve been focusing on stress-management, from exercise to simply stepping away from my desk for a few minutes. It can be a challenge for me to relax without a million things running through my head, so I’m trying to make more time for mindfulness and gratitude.