Skincare Secrets I Learned From Mom (Liz's Story)

Continuing on with our “Skincare secrets I learned from mom” series where the purpose is to discuss skincare habits and tips with real women from diverse backgrounds, today we’re excited to bring you Liz’s story.

Liz is 32 with a combination skin type. Her cultural background is German, Danish, English, Polish with a hint Spanish. This gentle and fabulous soul is probably the most neatly organized person I (= Charity) know, and she lives the Marie Kondo way in her sleep!

Liz is a master event coordinator, planner and showcase designer, working with large trade shows around the country. I am fortunate enough to have her as a dear friend who also was my wedding planner!

Beautifully connected to her magnificent brain, is her deeply caring heart for the environment and for our furry friends. If she is not sourcing organic and raw foods for her kittens, she is finding other ways to heal the earth. Read on to hear how this amazing woman cares for her beautiful skin.  

         1. When did you become aware of the importance of skincare and who and what influenced you? 

I grew up with a very simple mom. Skincare schedules and makeup techniques were just not a huge discussion in the home I grew up in. It wasn’t until I entered high school and teenage acne hit that I started experimenting more with skincare techniques. I began with the traditional route, going to Macy’s and getting the latest boutique line available.

After I left high school, I began taking steps towards my leap into holistic health, which led me to become the person I’ve transformed into today. This is when I started cutting all chemicals out of my diet, replacing traditional western techniques with DIY herbal options and focusing more on my internal condition instead of just the external.

My routine today is vastly different than what our makeup counter department store reps would suggest. My experience was that I developed adult acne after having beautiful skin throughout my early and mid-20s. I’ve had to explore the root of what was actually happening to clear it up without any type of chemical treatment. It’s been extremely important for me to stay true to what I believe in and also find cost effective ways to do so.

            2. Anything unique to your skincare routine in general?

I have had a unique journey, which I’ve found to be quite special, discovering what works best for me and it all boils down to research, trial and error. And sometimes more error than anything else!

Through my process, I now know that I can’t live without taking grass-fed collagen powder daily and a weekly seaweed face mask. I also use an organic face wash and moisturizer, 100% pure liquid foundation (my biggest spurge) and I make my own makeup setting spray.

Also, I have lots of peach fuzz on my face so I keep up with razoring my face ensuring my makeup looks as natural as possible, it’s made a huge difference in my appearance.

          3. What is your detailed skincare routine?

Daily: I’m quite simple with my daily routine! I wash my face with an organic face wash in the shower. I follow the wash with a moisturizer. Add one layer of my silky smooth makeup setting serum after that dries, prepping the skin for foundation.

After applying makeup, I use that same serum to set. In the evening, I wash with the same face wash to prep for bed.

Weekly: I use organic seaweed/kelp powder harvested from the North Atlantic as a mask to treat my face. Within just one use this closes all my larger pores and accelerates healing on any imperfections I might have at that time. I can actually feel my face tighten up within just one use as well.

When Needed: Should I feel the need for a toner, I’ll apply a natural toner infused with rose petal and witch hazel.  

             4. What is top of mind for you these days when it comes to skincare?

As I mentioned above, I focus on internal vs. external and as adult acne started showing up in my later 20’s, I was determined to understand what was happening with my body. During this time I had already been studying holistic health and functional medicine as a hobby for many years and I came to understand more about food intolerances, gut health and even gene mutations.

With all this new knowledge I started to apply what I knew and my acne cleared up even with the same skincare routine. It’s a constant battle, especially during stressful times when I don’t make the best nutritional decisions, however we’re all on a journey! I am very mindful to help assist my body flush out toxins and to always improve my gut health. I’m now known for my homemade kombucha brewing skills :)