My Annual Face Check Up (Susie's Story)

By Susie

  • To all the people battling oily skin and acne - have faith, the best is yet to come!
  • After talking to the doctor, I identified one thing I can fix and another I cannot
  • My holistic skincare journey is helping me learn the true meaning of self-acceptance

Recently, I was fortunate enough to meet with a renowned plastic surgeon as part of research for SeoulofSkin. I went with Minji to visit Dr Moradi. Right away he and his staff made me feel totally at ease. They were genuinely welcoming and we were able to take a tour of their cutting edge equipment. Considering I love trying new things, I was pretty excited to see all the advancement there has been in skincare treatments.

During the consultation, he gave me a mirror, and just like the evil queen from Snow White, I looked deep into it and saw all my flaws.

Dr. Moradi started by telling me my skin looked like I was in my early 30s! I had been told before that oily skin has a plus: it wards off wrinkles better than dry skin because the oil keeps skin smoother and more supple. As you age, your body produces less collagen and elastin, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. When the doctor said my skin has good elasticity, I wanted to go back in time and tell my pimple faced younger self that it would be alright…that she would be grateful one day for the oily skin plaguing her today!

I isolated two main areas of concern and asked for his expert opinion. My left eyebrow is higher than my right and not by a little. The doctor recommended botox. He showed me how the muscles on my face are constantly working out and the left eyebrow has become a weightlifting champion. Botox would freeze that muscle, help it relax and eventually come down to a more natural place.  

This might seem like a lot of fuss over an eyebrow, but I have spent many a wasted morning working with a brow pencil to try and create symmetry. I can honestly feel the muscle raised more on the left side as I go through my day, like I’m giving random strangers a constant James Bond smolder.

The next area I wanted to discuss was my neck. Ever since I can remember I have had a weak jawline. No matter how much weight I gained or lost, I have had saggy skin under my chin. I call it my turkey waddle. I've even tried Kybella and although it helped, I still see room for improvement. Unfortunately, the prognosis was there’s not much that can be done about it. If there was enough fat under my chin, I would’ve been a good candidate for Cool Sculpting. The issue for me was not fat but that my neck band was not notched in or defined. 

This was definitely hard for me to hear. I had always hoped and assumed that with the right amount of time and money, I could fix it one day. Now I was getting confirmation from an expert that I would never have a sculpted jawline.  It took some time, but at this point, I’ve not only accepted, but am fully embracing the fact that due to the shape of my neck, that will likely never be a reality for me.   

Acceptance is a big part of aging and there is true wisdom to be gained by learning to accept parts of yourself that have always bothered you. Do I fear what I’ll look like in ten years? Sure, maybe a little bit still and perhaps always.  However, learning to accept the things I cannot change and shifting to a holistic view on skincare is making me feel stronger and wiser.

Dr. Moradi gave me a lot to think about. Overall, I was very happy with the appointment.  Seeing my skin through his eyes made me more knowledgeable about my skin and face.  The expert consultation provided me with great information on issues I've been thinking of, but even better, it helped me appreciate my oily skin - turkey waddle and all.