By Susie

My mother has always had amazing skin. When I was younger, I would hear other women comment on her skin, but didn’t think much of it at the time. She was a single mom working the night shift as a nurse and I never saw her put too much time into her skincare routine. Between her demanding job and raising two kids I don’t think she had the time.

As I got older and started breaking out I would slather product onto my skin and eventually cover it with makeup. My mother would always tell me less is more but it took me a long time (20 years to be exact!) to really heed her advice and adopt a more minimalistic approach which has made a significant difference in my skin.

To this day at age 78, her skin remains smooth with barely any wrinkles. If I look close I might see a pore. So while I didn’t listen when I was younger, I wanted to make sure I impart her advice to my daughter so she can take better care of her skin than I did. Continuing on with our Mother’s month celebration,I sat down with her to hear more about her skincare habits and below is what she shared.

         1. What is your skincare routine and how has it changed over the years?

I never go to bed with a dirty face or make up. I use a makeup remover and wash my face more than once if need to make sure it’s clean. I have sensitive skin so I use a mild soap and don’t wash with hot water, lukewarm at most. I follow with toner, an essence serum with anti-aging properties and then a moisturizing night cream.  In the morning I keep it simple, I just wash with water (no soap), put on a wrinkle lifting day serum and then a moisturizer with sunscreen.

I hardly wear any makeup, just a light layer of sheer foundation if I’m going out otherwise no makeup.

When I was younger I didn’t use that much on my skin. I have sensitive skin that would break out easily so it was a lot of trial and error to find out what worked. I learned that anything with a fragrance irritated my skin and I looked for product that was hypoallergenic.

I used to receive a lot of compliments on my skin and people would ask me what I was using but I wasn’t using a lot of product. I really believe my skin was healthy because I hardly ever ate sweets. I ate an apple every day and still do. If I ever had a craving for something sweet I reached for fruit instead. Also I think it helped that I avoided the sun, I never liked the heat and if I was outside I used hats and sunglasses.

           2. What is a priority for you now with skincare?

Moisturizing. As I’ve gotten older my skin is a lot drier and the dryness causes wrinkles. I look for richer creams and whenever I feel dry during the day I gently pat more moisturizer into my skin. I never let my skin feel like it is too dried out so I will reapply throughout the day. I have also found serums in combination with moisturizers help my skin stay hydrated. Occasionally if I have time I’ll use a sheet mask.

            3. What advice should I give to my daughter to take care of her skin?

Always wash your face, never go to bed with dirty skin. Eat healthy focusing on fruit instead of sweets. Keep it simple with makeup when you get older, let your skin always breathe. Practice balance with eating, exercise and self care. It’s okay to indulge once in a while but do it in moderation.