Maskitation; You Need To Try This!

By Minji

  • Mask + Meditation = Maskitation…!
  • In 15 minutes, catch a mini-facial, meditate, add on, and feel and look amazing
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Multi-tasking is rough and many people question if it’s even truly possible.  My view is, so long as you can find a way to be present and engaged in the moment while doing everything, bring it on.  I’m all about hyper-efficiency.  I live by “killing two birds with one stone” and will try for three or four birds even.  All assuming I can make it happen without sacrificing the quality of the moment, and of course, my sanity.  That’s why “maskitation” makes so much sense. 

Maskitation = mask + meditation.  It’s a term I’ve coined for meditating in a certain position while doing a mask.  I prefer sheet masks which are super easy to put on/take off and usually take around 15 minutes, which happens to coincide perfectly with the amount of time most of us can find to meditate in peace.  But you can do it with any type of mask, up to you.

The bonus of maskitation is that you can add on extra “birds” into the mix – for example, throw in a few deep breaths and kegel exercises in the beginning as you settle in, put your legs up and boost circulation, or light your favorite candle and engage in some aroma therapy.  Be creative and productive!

This is my ritual:

First, I set up my space.  I make sure there’s nothing around the headboard of my bed and set up a pillow on top so my legs will basically be sticking upright in a 90-degree angle and not dangling.  A lot of people think you need to be sitting up to properly meditate, but the key is a straight spine.  You can definitely achieve this in this position and it’s so much more relaxing.  I also light my favorite candle to enhance the mood and experience. 

Second, I put on cozy clothes and my mask – make sure you’re wearing something with coverage if you tend to run cold, especially socks.  I find that when I’m still for 15 minutes, I feel the cold a bit more.  Once I’m ready, I’ll assume my position (like the photo above) and settle in.  Going back to those “extra birds,” I often start with a few rounds of deep breaths and kegels.  Another way to augment the experience is with a hand or feet mask – basically, dump lotion into some plastic gloves or bags and wrap them around your hands and feet - they’ll be soft like baby skin when you're ready to take them off.

Lastly, I put on a guided meditation track.  The best meditation to do in this position is the body scan.  Body scan meditations are great for beginners since it keeps you focused on different body parts which can help with anchoring the ever-wandering mind.  It’s also an amazing opportunity to tune in with yourself, listen to your body and check in.  Sign up for our newsletter and you'll receive access to Lauren's exclusive body scan meditation audio file! 

Maskitation: you gotta try it!  In 15 minutes, you can catch a mini-facial, experience deep mental relaxation, get better circulation, softer hands and feet, and the list goes on.  Maskitations are especially great after a long rough Monday (Maskitation Modays!).  I recommend at least once a week, but two or three times is even better and something to incorporate as an extra to your daily routine.