Make Your Bathroom A Skincare Sanctuary

By Susie

  • A dollhouse bathroom inspired me to take small steps to revamp my actual bathroom
  • Beautifying and streamlining your bathroom can incentive your daily skincare routine 
  • Consider decluttering, switching out towels, adding small rugs or plants - read on for more simple tips to create a skincare sanctuary!

I didn’t know I wanted a dollhouse until I was 40. Growing up, I didn’t play with dolls much. I was convinced they came alive at night and not in the fun, cute Toy Story kind of way. Recently though, I came across a dollhouse on Instagram, and became a woman obsessed. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I first saw the photos. It was my dream house come to life, designed meticulously with all of the furniture covering my Pinterest boards. I realized that although it might take a few more years for me to actually live in a house like this, I could start creating one right away – just shrunken down to doll size.      

My dollhouse (see pictures above!) is now my favorite thing in the house. It took me many months and I am still working on some minor renovations, but it’s a dream come to life. I painstakingly sourced tiny furniture from all over the world – chairs from China, wallpaper from Australia, rugs from the UK, and the list goes on. I painted the walls and floors and decorated each room from floor to ceiling. I shrunk my family photos to hang on the walls and even made some custom furniture with my bare hands. 

The room I paid extra attention to was the bathroom. I picked out special wallpaper and flooring. I scoured the web for the right tub, sink and mirror and bought miniature plants to accessorize. As you might already know, my other obsession is skincare and the intent was to create a skincare sanctuary with my dollhouse bathroom.  I wanted this bathroom to be so fabulous and welcoming that anyone (any doll for now?) would be happy to spend time in it.  This in turn inspired me to take another look at my real life bathroom and think about ways to make it more conducive to my skincare practice.

How do you feel about your bathroom? Is it a place you look forward to spending time in while going through your skincare routine? If the answer is no, let’s make a change!  Taking small steps to revamp your bathroom will make it more pleasant for you to be there and spend that extra time to take care of yourself consistently. When it comes to healthy skin, it’s about the practice and not some miracle product.   

For me, I started by simplifying and decluttering. I pared down to the products I actually use daily. Then, I lined up some basic staples one by one on a shelf. Now I can start with one product and go down the line left to right and be done with my skincare multi-step routine.  This makes my routine easier and also adds cleanliness and minimalist elegance to this essential room in the house. 

In addition to the decluttering, I added a few other things. A fluffy headband, the softest towels I could find (I always use a separate towel for my face), a skincare fridge to keep my products fresh, a diffuser with essential oils for aromatherapy, and beautiful acrylic jars to house my organic cotton rounds and q-tips. All while making sure to pay close attention to every design detail – shapes, sizes, colors, texture, etc.

There are a few other things I still want to add – a dainty picture with a gold frame, the perfect mirror, some plants and fuzzy rugs - to get it to the sophistication level of my dollhouse bathroom. But even with the easy steps I’ve taken, my bathroom looks so much more inviting.  Even on my most tired days, it’s helps me to stick to my regular skincare routine.