Less Is More – I’ve Embraced A Uniform!

By Minji

  • I recently shocked my inner fashionista by embracing an every day uniform
  • My uniform consists of grey joggers and a pink-beige sweatshirt...
  • It saves me time, money and helps me get grounded and work on my inner-self 

In my past life working at a video gaming company, there were a few co-workers (mostly straight white guys) who wore the same thing to work, every. single. day. It was a uniform of sorts – not that company policy or anything else required it - by their own free will, they had opted to wear the same outfit daily. One guy did all black, another one would rotate between white, grey and black t-shirts, always with jeans.

At the time, I was a self-proclaimed fashionista and at the peak of my shopping addiction. Needless to say, I had a really hard time understanding this. Why would you voluntarily wear the same boring clothes every day when there were so many different colors, patterns, cuts, styles, textures and shapes to experiment and have fun with?

Loving fashion and a variety of clothing has always been a natural inclination for me.  I can easily flip through every fashion magazine from cover to cover, and given the time, hours fly by scrolling through online clothing sites. Even after getting a grip on my shopping a few years ago, I never really got over my love of clothes. The thought of wearing the same thing over and over again is almost as bad as the thought of eating the same meal every day.

However, recently, I’ve come to embrace the benefits of a self-imposed uniform.  I shocked myself on this one, but during the extended quarantine, I found myself rotating through three basic outfits.

One pair of stylish (?) grey joggers with a light pinkish-beige sweatshirt, a pair of beige linen pants with a grey T-shirt and lastly, a pair of relaxed navy pants with an off-white sweatshirt. The common theme underlying all of my choices was comfort and subtle yet presentable.

Quarantine served as another opportunity to re-examine my routines and I found that despite my love for fashion and design, I didn’t enjoy spending so much time coordinating the perfect outfit.  Especially, working with bold colors, prints and textures (which I all LOVE in my clothing) is hard – it takes a lot of time to coordinate this type of outfit so that it comes off as daring yet stylish but also not ridiculous (at least, not too much!).

I had previously thought I enjoyed doing this, but left to my own devices with no audience and compliments to beget, I found that I didn’t love spending my time in this way.  There’s always an opportunity cost with time and I found more joy instead using this time to work on my skincare routine, cook meals from scratch with my daughter or play a new board game with my family.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve let go of high-fashion entirely.  On occasion, I still intend to pull out that sparkly dress or that daring pink, red and orange ensemble.  However, for my day to day, I can see now why a uniform has its benefits.

It saves me time getting ready. It saves me money on buying more clothes. It helps me get grounded and work on my inner-self – similar to wearing no makeup, it’s an effort to let go of embellishment, armor and masks and connect to my true self.

Once in a while if I feel bored with the standard uniform, I’ll spice it up with a stylish hat, sunnies or parasol even. Much easier to add on than colors, prints and textures…and they all work for sun protection and healthy skin too!