Less Is More - Declutter Your Life And Discover More

By Susie

  • There is a form of deep selfcare to be found in decluttering
  • Decluttering can bring a sense of peace and calm, not only to your physical house but also to you mind, heart and soul.
  • Clean the mess around you and find more - more focus, more contentment, more time and more peace!

When people talk about selfcare it usually includes things to improve our health and well-being. This could mean beauty routines, massage, meditation, exercise etc.  I’ve learned through personal experience that there is another form of deep selfcare found in decluttering.

Maybe it was the need to feel some sense of control when the pandemic hit. Maybe because all of a sudden my whole family was home and on top of each other all day. Whatever it was, last year during the height of COVID-19, I decided it was time to clean out every room and closet in my house.

Experts say clutter can lead to stress in a few different ways. The more stuff you have, the more you have to clean up, which just leads to more time spent on annoying chores that don't bring joy.

Clutter also makes it hard to find things when you need them, which can cause a lot of wasted time searching for things, often ending with not only wasted time but also wasted money when you ultimately can't find what you're looking for have have to rebuy the same thing you know you already own....but can't find! I have 120 double A batteries now by the way....

In addition, your home should be a peaceful sanctuary but when it’s full of clutter, it can just cause feelings of angst and discontent. It no longer is home sweet home and the one place of refuge you should be able to count on, can turn into another stressful problem in your life. 

When I started to declutter, I felt like a weight was being lifted off my chest. I could see the back of shelves and the floors of closets. My kids thought Christmas came again with all the rediscovered toys I uncovered.

In the middle of the madness caused by a pandemic, homeschooling kids and working at home full time, I felt a sense of peace and control in having an organized house. I learned the beauty of being content with less.

I actually found myself saving money, I had spent so much time cleaning with intention, the last thing I wanted to do is fill up my house again with more stuff. I also gained my time back, the most precious asset. I didn’t have to constantly tidy up anymore which freed me up to do more things I genuinely love to do.

Decluttering brought a sense of peace and calm, not only to my physical house but also to my mind, heart and soul. As I look around my house, I no longer see all the chores I need to complete or the things I need to organize, but feel a sense of relaxation and calm... and isn’t that what selfcare is all about?

Clean the mess around you and you’ll experience that having less possessions will actually give you so much more: more focus, more contentment, more time and more peace.