Ingredient Spotlight: Ceramides

By Minji

  • Ceramides are fats that naturally occur in your skin and constitute over 50% of your skin
  • Unfortunately, like many other things in life, as we age we lose it so it's important to supplement through your skincare products
  • It's a key ingredient to look for in your moisturizers and eye creams!

When it comes to moisturizers, besides retinol, the key ingredients I look for are peptides and ceramides. We’ve previously discussed the benefits and other attributes of retinol and peptides in prior posts (just click on the links above for more info!), so today let’s shine the spotlight on ceramides!

Ceramides are lipids (fats) that naturally occur in your skin. They generally constitute over 50% of your skin’s overall composition, but unfortunately like many other things in life, as we age, we lose it. Experts say by the time you’re in your 30s, you’ve lost about 40% of your skin’s ceramides, and by the time you’re 40, you’ve lost about 60%...yikes!

So it’s no surprise that you would want ceramides in your moisturizer. You want to replenish and build ceramides in your skin since they are such an important part of it.  Not only do ceramides help your skin to look healthy, smooth and plump, they also are critical in protecting your skin against environmental threats such as the sun and pollution.

The best thing about ceramides is that it’s great for most skin types (they naturally are found in your skin so adding more won’t hurt!) and won’t cause irritation or sensitivity issues for most of us. Even if you have acne-prone oily skin or extremely dry sensitive skin, ceramides will likely work well for you.  Unlike retinol, you can also use it around your delicate eyes as well - it's actually very much encouraged!

You also don’t have to worry about which other products or ingredients you can use together with it - ceramides are safe to use in conjunction with most skincare ingredients, even AHAs, vitamin C or retinol. 

For me personally, I love to use a solid moisturizer and eye cream that contains both ceramides and peptides.  Especially on the days when I feel like my skin needs a break from harsh actives like retinol, a ceramide-rich moisturizer is my go-to for both morning and night.

Have you tried ceramides in your skincare routine yet?  If so, how did it feel and what did you love the most?  If not…what are you waiting for…?!