How COVID-19 Changed Skincare

By Minji

  • The COVID-19 pandemic changed our way of life, including our relationship to skincare
  • Minji shares her summary of the 2020 skincare year in review
  • What changed in your personal skincare habits and rituals?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our way of life, including how we engage in our skincare routines, what type of skincare products we purchase and even our overall philosophy on skincare.  I know for me, I started to view skincare even more so as part of my overall health and less as a “beauty” ritual and looked for more affordable options for everything. 

Also, despite the hardships, boredom, depression brought on with the prolonged sheltering, it was an opportunity to dig deeper and find the soulfulness in skincare as a mindful selfcare ritual. What changed for you?  Below is a summary of a few skincare trends that marked this tumultuous year.

  1. Affordable Online Brands On The Rise

Instead of shopping for the next “it” bag or trendy dress, many of us instead hoarded toilet paper and chocolate.  Many of us lost jobs, our financial security was shaken as we dipped into savings, and the stock market fluctuations left many of us anxious.

In line with these developments, we found that we really don’t need that $82 serum or moisturizer.  We started to dig more into proven ingredients, brand philosophies and values and found that we could find just the same level of quality and luxury in affordably-priced brands. 

We became smarter, online-savvy shoppers who were less swayed by glossy ads, flashy packaging and exotic sounding marketing messages. 

  1. At-home Facials Are Possible!

With the prolonged shut downs, even the laziest of us had to scramble for ways to groom our hair, take care of our nails, tame eyebrows and indulge in a facial once in a while.  Data shows that many of us purchased skincare fridges, microcurrent tools, LED devices, gua sha tools, etc. to take on more DIY skincare rituals.

I personally haven’t had an in-spa facial since last spring! I think that’s the longest I’ve gone without one since turning 20. However, I’m happy to report that I survived and my skin is looking healthier than ever, thanks to my at-home mini-facial and Soffli Detox + Hydrate Facial Sheet Masks!

  1. Pollution/Sun Protection Came To The Forefront

The sun was always enemy #1 to skin health, but it became more prominent.  First, outdoor activities were often the only thing we could safely do. Second, with everyone working from home, many of us found ourselves sitting endlessly next to windows through which UV rays can penetrate.  Lastly, at least in LA where I live, the air quality and pollution were worse than ever.

With these developments, sunscreen became more important than ever and anti-pollution skincare tips were shared. Remember there’s nothing better than a solid Vitamin C serum like the Soffli 16% Vitamin C Serum to fight against skin damage caused by pollutants.  

  1. Skincare As Part Of Health, Not Beauty

As I mentioned earlier, we became more conscious of our health than ever.  We were sanitizing our hands, wearing masks, taking vitamin C&D, trying to eat healthy and also trying to keep our skin healthy with “maskne” getting the best of us. 

Clean beauty, already a trend, became important for the masses and people started to think of skincare products and routines as a way to better take care of their largest organ skin, rather than a way to beautify themselves and stand out.

      5. Long-lasting Treatments

I asked Dr. Yoon what he noticed change in 2020. In addition to the obvious rise of maskne, he mentioned how people are now focused on long-lasting treatments more than ever. 

It wasn't possible to visit your dermatologist or other experts frequently and this resulted in many preferring procedures such as lasers or threading that can last up to a year rather than engaging in care that requires frequent in-office visits. 

This is my 2020 skincare year in review.  What did you notice change in your personal skincare habits and rituals? What will you carry forward into the new year and what do you hope to change?   Also, read on for predictions for 2021 skincare tends here!