For The Love Of Threading - Eyebrows

By Charity

  • In terms of best and worst ways to groom eyebrows for your skin, it goes from threading, shaving, plucking to waxing
  • As we go from best to worst, chances of skin irritation, allergic reactions and acne rise
  • For me, threading has become an integral component of my self care routine 

Do you have a favorite feature on your face or body that makes you feel like royalty? For me, it’s my eyebrows. Eyebrows are so amazing in the way they shape our faces and naturally enhance our best features.

If I delay grooming of my eyebrows, it immediately impacts the way I see myself. With enough external factors sabotaging our body image, pampering can become a priority to help us feel like the best version of ourselves.  

I inherited a full set of bushy eyebrows from my father, which makes for a great landscape to be artistic with their shape. But growing up it just meant I was stuck with trying to avoid the ever encroaching unibrow! 

I’ll never forget the first time my mom took me to have my eyebrows waxed. Oh my did it hurt. There was a lot of ground to cover as the bushy burrows had never been disturbed in this way. I found myself tearing up, not from the pain, but rather from the nerve sensations happening right underneath my skin.

But when I walked out of the salon that day, I felt as though I had fully entered into my womanhood. I saw natural beauty in my face in such a way that I never noticed before. This was the beginning of a new era for me. 

Being in my teens at the time, I felt sophisticated and that the world could actually take me seriously because I had buried the bushy eyebrows of my youth. It was so difficult to maintain the shape on my own, however.

Tweezing is an artistic skill, and mine was rudimentary at best. So I had to face this question: was I going to return to waxing or was there another technique that fit my needs better? I struggled to fully embrace waxing because of its general use of chemicals, which could include resins, carcinogenic parabens, artificial fragrances, and dyes.

Beeswax was a natural option, but I still had limitations on my ability to personally apply. Also, depending on how sensitive your skin is, waxing can lead to bumps, rashes or an unsightly red undertone because of the abrasive application nature.  

I continued to search for a brow maintenance technique that worked for me. It wasn’t until a dear friend of mine introduced me to the ancient technique of threading, that I found my peace. I’ve never looked back.

Because threading only requires one natural fiber - a single thread - it is 100% natural. Threading is less painful than waxing because of its targeted focus on hair follicles at a time. Threading also allows the esthetician to control more of the artistic shaping of the brows. While the skin may show signs of redness, it usually goes away within minutes after. The salon I use gently applies aloe vera on my brows after threading, helping with soothing the skin in that area.

Dr. Yoon explains that in terms of best and worst ways to groom eyebrows for your skin, it generally goes from threading, shaving, plucking to waxing, with threading being the best and waxing the worst. Of course you need to consider the unique condition of your skin and eyebrows too but on the whole, as we go from best to worst, chances of skin irritation, allergic reactions and acne rise.

Threading changed my life. It has become an integral component of my self care routine. Being able to trust someone else to help with the shaping of my brows is so wonderful. Since no harsh chemicals are used, I can rest assured that the rest of my face is being cared for in the best way according to my values. If you haven’t tried threading, I highly recommend it!