Spring Cleaning My Skincare Tools

By Susie

  • How many skincare tools do you own and how often do you use them?
  • Similar to skincare products, it's easy to fall into the trap of overbuying skincare tools but never putting them to use
  • We share some tips to declutter your skincare tools box and also get better results for your skin and soul!

I’ve had oily, acne prone skin most of my life. With constant skincare problems to tend to, it took me a while to simplify my skincare routine. Once I did though, I finally started to see solid results.

Mistakenly, I previously thought problem skin was something I could throw money at. I was quick to buy the latest and greatest product, anything that promised me results, I would buy. 

What ended up happening though is I didn’t really use any of it. I gave myself too many choices and found it hard to stick to one thing. I ended up wasting a lot of money with little results and tons of clutter.

One would think I learned my lesson... but more recently, I found myself falling into the same trap, this time with skincare tools.  In the past few years, there has been this incredible outpouring of skincare devices...all promising to give you professional results from the comfort of your own home.

Soon enough the empty space I had created in my bathroom drawers by minimalizing my skincare products started to fill up again.  This time, with skincare tools. Overwhelmed by the choices, I again started to just buy them all – rollers, microcurrent, microneedlers, red light, blue light, laser and at least three different types of massagers for my face!

Same as before, overwhelmed by the choices and the clutter, I found myself just giving up. It was a while before I could bring myself to open this chest of drawers again and confront my skincare demons. However, not wanting to repeat past mistakes even further, and with the energy of a spring time detox supporting me, I put myself on a spending freeze and determined to sort through my skincare tools.

I first laid all of them out together and sorted them by what they were supposed to treat: dark spots, wrinkles, circulation, etc. I couldn't possibly address every single issue...so I dug deeper into my "why" and narrowed down to two main areas of focus: dark spots and skin firmness. 

Next, I proceeded to test each tool that fell into either one of these buckets of dark spots and skin firmness one for a week to see what I enjoyed using the most. Not that I could see results in a week, but I knew if I enjoyed using it, I would likely continue to do so.

This approach helped me hone in on just three tools. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still not able to use a skincare tool every night, but having just three choices on my bathroom counter makes it much easier. Now there is no deep dark corner of my bathroom packed with skincare tools asking for attention that weighs heavy on me. With a light heart, I choose one of three every now and then during my nightly routine.

Whether its product or tools, I encourage you to always think about your "why" and purchase with intention and mindfulness. When you open your drawers and can see everything in them, it not only helps your wallet but can also give you peace of mind and better skincare results too!