7 Days, 7 Skincare Techniques

By Minji

  • Looking for ways to do simple things to improve your skin without having to think through it yourself?
  • Read on for how I spend 7 days with 7 different skincare techniques for inspiration
  • All simple add-ons to your nighttime routine that will guarantee a glow the morning after!

I was recently instinctively drawn to an article with the title, “7 days, 7 outfits.”  The thought of someone curating seven days’ worth of fabulous outfits for me without me having to exercise one brain cell or lift one finger was appealing - especially with how insane 2020 has been.

After quickly skimming that article, I realized how I might be able to help others out there who might be looking to do some simple things to improve their skin without having to think through it themselves…so today I present, 7 days, 7 skincare techniques!

Before we dive into the details, just a few clarification points.  First, I’m introducing “extras” you can incorporate into your skincare routine day by day.  Meaning, this is not meant to be instead of, or a substitute for, your daily skincare regimen – you still need to wash your face and apply the basics. Second, I would recommend you incorporate these extras as part of your nighttime ritual when you have more time and don’t have to worry about sunscreen and all that. With that, let’s dive into day 1!

For day 1, I would recommend some gentle exfoliation. Chemical exfoliants like AHAs are gentler on the skin than most physical exfoliators and I find that personally for me a gentle dosage works best. The Soffli Gentle AHA Toner is perfect for this. I’m wary of the dangers of over exfoliation so generally reserve a glycolic acid based toner for night.  Especially during the dry winter season, you might even want to make it every other night, depending on your skin type. Right after washing my face, I’ll gently swipe it all over my face before moving onto step 2, serum.

For day 2, try some micro-needling with a derma roller.  I’ll do this after toner but before serum. I personally think the best benefit of at-home micro-needling is that it will help with the absorption of your existing skincare products. Coupled with day 1’s exfoliation, now your skin is well prepped to absorb some nourishing skincare ingredients.

So that would bring us to day 3’s maskitation session.  Your skin is in prime condition to absorb all the hydration and other benefits that can come from using a facial sheet mask for 15-20 minutes.  If you couple this with a body scan meditation, you’ll surely glow from both the inside out and outside in as well! Our Soffli Detox + Hydrate Facial Sheet Masks are a must try for this. 

Day 4, I recommend indulging in a 2-minute gua sha facial massage. I own a few fancier skincare gadgets, but nothing gives you more bang for your buck than the simple gua sha tool. Circulation is at the core of healthy skin and a quick gua sha massage will definitely boost your flow and glow. 

On day 5, use a few eye gel masks to give your delicate eye skin some extra love.  If you can throw in a 1-minute eye skin massage too, even better.

For day 6, engage in some scalp care as part of skincare.  If you’re scalp skin isn’t healthy, it will inevitably impact the other skin on your face.  If you’re looking for something simple, I’d start with either a gua sha scalp massage or some scalp essence coupled with a good brushing tool.        

Lastly on day 7, return to the holy grail of moisturizing and try out an overnight face mask.  I use this as the last step to my nighttime routine, so even after my face oil and 2-minute gua sha massage.  Make sure you apply not only on your face but also your neck, chest, ears and hands even. 

Once you’re done with a rotation, repeat until it becomes a no-brainer habit.  If you can keep this up, you’re sure to wake up with a dewy and plump complexion I promise!