3 Ways To Improve Circulation In Your Body

By Charity

  • When you suffer from poor circulation, you don’t feel like your true self and daily activities can be overwhelming
  • Three practical ways to experience healthy blood circulation includes movement, touch and what we eat
  • Read more for detailed tips on ways to improve circulation in your body

Healthy blood flow is an important factor in overall health. But why is that? Our blood transports vital elements and nutrients to our cells and organs.

From taking oxygen to our heart and brain, to deploying white blood cells when the immune system is compromised, our veins are carrying a powerful and sustaining source of life. The circulation of blood through our kidneys also ensures that our bodies remove waste and excess fluids. Our bodies are so incredible! 

But what if we encounter poor blood flow? Without the proper amount of oxygen, our bodies can experience the constriction of blood vessels or inflammation, causing pain, tension, numbness, or lack of energy. We don’t feel like our true selves, and in many cases, normal daily activities can be overwhelming.

How can we improve the flow of blood through our bodies? There are practical ways in which we can increase our blood circulation and immediately benefit from an improved status of being. Three ways to experience healthy blood circulation includes movement, touch and what we eat.

We understand how important exercise is for our wellbeing. When we move, our hearts increase the rate of pumping blood carrying vital oxygen to our brains and other organs. The rush we feel after cardio activity is almost like a high - we’ve oxygenated our bodies and now the energy amassed is a valuable source of flow for the rest of your waking hours. I love to start and end my day with movement because of this. Any movement that you enjoy - walking, biking, swimming, yoga, dance - can be a form of exercise.

Another wonderful way to improve blood circulation is through touch. Massages release lactic acid buildup in our muscles, which in turn relaxes the muscles further. Pressure through touch helps redirect blood flow to the areas in focus.

We don’t often think of how much our bodies need healthy touch. Massages from a massage therapist or a trusted close partner helps unwind the tension buildup in the body, which leads to deeper relaxation. Adding heat either through a heating pad, stones, hot water bottle, or another tool, can accelerate the flow of blood and is an excellent complement to the practice of massotherapy. 

As with any other health practice, there is always a role that our diet can play in improving functions. There are some excellent and accessible whole foods loaded with properties that can support healthy blood circulation.

To name a few, ginger acts as a stimulant, increasing the flow of blood to our organs. Garlic is an immune-boosting wonder that helps to thin the blood, preventing clots. Beets, a hearty root vegetable, are loaded with nitrates, which our bodies convert into nitric oxide (responsible for relaxing and dilating blood vessels). And the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon can also promote the release of nitric oxide.

To increase healthy blood flow in your body, find a movement practice that brings you joy, engage in massage therapy and consume whole foods that help the body produce nitric oxide. Your body and soul will thank you!