2-Mins & 70¢ DIY Essential Oil Rollers - Perfect Holiday Gift!

By Minji

  • Did you know that in about two minutes of time and with a budget around 70 cents, you can make your own organic essential oil roller bottle?  
  • You just need three ingredients that are super easy to find
  • Essential oil rollers are my substitute for chemical-filled perfumes and make for a perfect holiday gift!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m way too lazy to spend much time on DIY projects.  That’s why despite the fact that I’ve gone through training to become a certified organic skincare formulator, I seldom recommend homemade projects to you.  The few recipes I've shared such as my homemade face oil, lip scrub, or hair oil, were carefully screened for simplicity and ease.

This one though, really takes the cake!  Did you know that in about two minutes of time and with a budget around 70 cents, you can make your own organic essential oil roller bottle?  I know this is true because I’ve been making my own and really love and appreciate the high-efficiency of this DIY project.  Never again will I spend over $10 to buy one (some are over $20 per bottle!)  Let me show you how…but first things first. 

Essential oil rollers are amazing – they smell great and are easy to apply, they can help boost your mood or enhance relaxation.  They’ve actually weaned me off of perfumes entirely (typically too many chemicals in them for my taste).

I apply jasmine in the mornings to the inside of my wrists and back of my ears and neck. I love using sweet orange, rose, pepper mint, eucalyptus, frankincense during the day depending on my mood (one or two at most per day, balance is key!). 

I religiously end with lavender at night. It greatly relaxes me, adds a dose of elegance and prepares me for my so important beauty sleep.  As you might imagine, I have them on my shelves in the bathroom, I carry one or two with me in my bags and I have one on my nightstand as well.      

You only need three things to make your own essential oil rollers:

First, roller bottles. There are a ton on amazon, but look for stainless steel roller balls for the top and amber glass for the body.  You want to adequately protect your oils from light so it’s important that you don’t get clear glass and stainless steel feels better than plastic. 

Also make sure to read reviews to check that the quality is good overall - I made the mistake of getting bottles that wouldn't roll properly the first time I bought them.  Ultimately, I got a 24-pack on amazon for around $13, which puts one roller at 54 cents.

Second, you’ll need a carrier oil. I’ve talked about carrier oils a bit in my homemade face oil recipe, but for essential oil rollers which are for your body and not your face, fractionated coconut oil (this is basically coconut oil that is always liquid), almond oil, or jojoba oil are the best.  You can even use olive oil from your kitchen if you don’t mind the scent and are too bothered to get something new.  Most oils last for years but make sure you check expiration dates.

Last but not least, a quality essential oil.  It’s easy to get lost in the sea of products out there but I recommend you focus on search terms like USDA organic, 100% certified pure, undiluted, therapeutic grade, wild-crafted and farm-harvested. Make sure the ingredient list only includes the oil itself and check country of origin (oils from China and India might require additional due diligence on your part). 

I was able to find a quality 100% pure and organic bottle for around $10, and I can make close to 100 rollers with this which puts one roller at 10 cents – so added to the cost of the bottle, it’s 64 cents a roller!  I didn’t add in the carrier oil cost, but that’s negligible.  Feel free to use single oils or create blends by mixing them up to create your own signature scent!

Once you have these ingredients, all you need to do is fill your roller bottles with 6-12 drops of essential oil (assuming you’re using the standard 10 ml bottles, they usually come with droppers), then fill the rest with your carrier oil, shake and mix…and you’re ready to roll (literally!). 

With the holiday season fast approaching, this makes for a wonderful gift or treat to hand out to your friends…instead of sharing cookies or baked goods, try handing these out and people will be asking for more. 

Remember, topical use of essential oils may induce sensitivity responses, especially on sensitive skin so make sure you properly dilute them.  Starting out with 6 drops of essential oil for each roller bottle and capping it to 12 drops max should generally work for most of us, but always spot test on your skin and do what’s right for you.