Yoga for Healthy Skin Pt. 2 (Practice)

By Lauren

  • In my earlier article, I discussed how a regular practice of yoga can benefit your skin and beyond
  • Here, I'm offering some practical tips for a healthy practice and glowing skin
  • If you're ready to practice, let me guide you through a 30-minute flow here

The yogis believe that humans are made of five distinct layers.  The first is your body, which includes your skin!  We all experience life through a body and therefore the body requires attention and care. Next comes your breath or energy, mind and heart, your soul or inner wisdom, and lastly a layer considered bliss, which if you’ve gone to a yoga class you may have experienced in the final resting pose or savasana

A well-rounded yoga class addresses every layer of what it means to be a human being with physical postures called asanas, yogic style breathing called pranayama, inspiration for your mind and heart with yoga philosophy, storytelling, or even scientific research, and finally encourages you to trust the most important teacher who has ever existed: the teacher inside of you!

Another great, contemporary teacher, Eddie Stern, explains that “…through postures, breathing, and focused attention, [you] effectively balance the brain functions and nervous system, and through homeostasis, the nervous system knows what needs to be balanced or corrected at any given time” such as skin imbalances or flareups.

Hopefully you’ve already read about my yoga journey and what it did for my skin, interoception and overall health in my earlier article.  Ready to try it for yourself?

Here’s the plan:

  • Find a well-rounded yoga class that includes a mix of yoga postures, breath work or pranayama, some meditation, and inspiration for your mind and heart;
  • Wash your face after class and re-apply moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup on clean skin to avoid sweat related/clogged pore breakouts (please be especially careful if you do hot yoga);
  • Drink plenty of water and remain hydrated;
  • Clean your mat regularly and use a towel so when your face is resting on your mat you have a clean surface for your face and forehead;
  • Observe how you feel, not just after the class but a day or two later; and
  • Practice regularly for 30 days, at least 4 days a week. If you feel busy, try my 30-minutes for 30 days power yoga practice from home here. Then look back and reflect: Did your cravings begin to change? Is your experience of interoception enhanced?  And of course, how is your skin?!

My guess is that you’ll be radiant!