The Case For Carrying Hand Cream Everywhere

By Minji

  • The average person washes their hands 20 times a day!
  • This makes your poor hands the body part with the highest risk of drying out
  • Have a travel-size hand cream in all bags and by all sinks in the house too

What are the key items you always have in your bag?  I mean the items that you always transfer over every time you switch bags; the items that make you feel uneasy to leave the house without?  Obviously, your wallet, unfortunately probably your phone, probably a lip balm or lip stick?  If you’re not doing it already, I want to persuade you to include a travel-size hand cream as part of this “I can not survive without” critical collection. 

The reason is simple. What part of your body do you wash the most?  If you didn’t answer hands, that would be weird (and you might have a different sort of problem you might want to check on!).  We inevitably have to wash our hands multiple times during the day.  A simple google search reveals that the average person pees 6-10 times a day.  On top of that, your hands get wet in so many other situations too.  When you’re doing the dishes, getting water, before cooking food, after a meal or snack, changing a diaper, etc., you get the picture.  If you add all of this on, it’s more like 20 times. 

Washing is generally good for your overall heath (taking anything to an obsessive-compulsive level excluded), but what a toll is takes on the skin on your hands!  You’re constantly stripping off the oils and lotions you put on and drying your hands out with soap, towels or a dryer.  What do you think would happen to your favorite shirt if you washed and dried it 20 times a day?

A couple of years ago, I started a new job with many 20-somethings.  During one of my first days, the 26-year-old man-boy sitting across from me found out my age and shrieked, “dude, you look young. I mean, I’ve seen young looking people but usually their hands are f-ed up.  Your hands look young too.” Despite all the things wrong with this statement, I took it as a huge compliment.  I can’t over emphasize the need to moisturize and take care of your hands enough.  Besides your face and your neck, they are the next body part that's really out there representing you.  You want healthy, supple looking hands to feel confident. 

Lucky for us, there are so many delicious, cute, easy to carry around hand creams out there!  If you don’t already have a collection, make sure you pick some up and toss into your carry-all bags.  Then, after each time you wash your hands, with a bit of moisture still on your hands (you never want to over dry any part of your body as further detailed in the art of face washing), lather on the cream and keep your hands soft and hydrated.  Goes without saying, you should do this when you’re at home too.  I always have hand cream laying out in my bathroom and also near the kitchen sink.