My Underarms Led Me To Minimalism

By Charity

  • Mixed/synthetic fibers were inhibiting my body's ability to detox and irritating my underarms
  • Understanding what fabrics and products work for my underarms led me to minimalism
  • A simple liquid roll-on with coconut oil and essential oils is the best application for me

The modern expression of minimalism invites us to simplify and purify so that we arrive at a fuller life experience.  Minimalism as a life practice would have found me eventually, given my desire to embody simplicity in an increasingly complex world.  Though I must give my underarms the credit for arriving at this stage of my life.  Yes, not a very romantic way to decide on minimalism, but let me tell you how it came to be.

It wasn’t until 2017 when I learned my body negatively reacted to certain fabrics I wore.  From irritated skin to body odor, these issues were all related to the interaction of my skin with specific textiles.  Through experimentation, I found out that mixing synthetic and natural fibers were not good for me, especially not near the major sweat glands.  When I wore pure natural fibers, I faced no irritations, and body odor was minimized.  The mixed and synthetic fibers were inhibiting my body's ability to detox appropriately.  

This was such good news to know there was a path of irritation-free underarms.  However, it was also a news alert that I would have to adjust how I shopped for clothes.  I became 'that woman' who reads every label on every item of clothing.  Yet it was also a blessing in disguise - I fully embraced my passion for circular fashion.  I did a complete overhaul of my closet, getting rid of excess and condensing down to several basics for where I am today.  The de-cluttering of my closet has been a welcome step into a simpler way of life.

The rashes and irritation of my underarms eventually became overbearing.  I was forced to find a better path.  Managing body odor also led me to think through my daily routine, from the technical to the emotional.  I needed to have a product I could discreetly carry around in personal bag.  What would be kind to my skin and functional at the same time?  There was a lot of time and effort spent seeking out the answers to this question.  I’ve tried everything from a charcoal paste to natural ingredient spray to your standard deodorant stick.  I'm happy to report nothing serves my underarms better than a good roll-on or homemade spray application.

Now I understand what product types I can and cannot use on my underarms.  A liquid roll-on with coconut oil and essential oils is the best application for me.  I apply two to three times throughout the day, depending on my activity level.  I use coconut oil wipes in between applications if necessary.  These wipes are so soothing to the skin and are a fantastic way to refresh, especially when traveling.  Nothing more, nothing less.

As a principle of nature, we adapt, change, and evolve.  I’m certain my body's response to the changing environment will continue to change.  Despite this reality, I do believe that practicing the principles of simplifying and purifying is here to stay.