My Top 3 Skincare Super Foods

By Minji

  • There are three skincare super foods that I eat on a daily or at least weekly basis
  • They are walnuts, avocados and salmon
  • Try my super easy salmon recipe today and feel your skin glow from the inside out~

There are three super foods that I make sure to consume either on a daily or at least weekly basis.  They’re nutritious and yummy, but honestly the main reason they’ve become such constant staples in my diet is because they make my skin glow from the inside out. 

On the rare occasion I’m either traveling or on retreat and can’t get access to these foods, I feel a difference in my skin.  Sure, some of it could be mental, but I clearly do feel it.

I’ve kept you waiting long enough… these skincare super foods are, walnuts, avocados and salmon! First, let’s talk about walnuts.  I make sure to eat 2-4 raw walnuts daily.  They’re usually the first things I’ll pop into my mouth once I’m ready to start eating for the day. 

Walnuts contain healthy omega-3 fats that help strengthen the membranes of your skin cells, locking in moisture and nutrients.  This keeps your skin plump and radiant while also keeping out toxins that can damage skin cells.  The more I eat walnuts, the more I appreciate their flavor.  I consider walnuts the complex and sophisticated nut.

Moving on to avocados…with the avocado toast trend, I’m wondering if I need to convince anyone to incorporate avocados into their regular diet.  Did you know that avocados are considered ‘fatty fruit'? 

Weird, but my daughter always tells me, if there’s seeds in it, it’s a fruit! In addition to having rich amounts of good fat, avocados contain vitamin C and E which are key in supporting healthy skin (you see it all the time as key ingredients in serum). 

Avocados also have a variety of antioxidants that fight inflammation and keep your skin bouncy and radiant. I eat half an avocado almost every other day.  There are so many ways to eat this delicious fruit, but mostly out of convenience, I’ll either chop it up and throw into a salad or mash it with a tiny bit of garlic powder, pepper and salt and use it as a dip or spread over toast.  

Last but not least, salmon!  I typically eat a serving of salmon at least once or twice a week (be wary of the risks associated with eating too much fish such as mercury levels – I think twice a week is generally safe though).  Salmon contains a ton of omega-3 fats, vitamin E and zinc, which are all good for skin. 

During the photoshoot for this article, I had the SeoulofSkin team taste my go-to salmon concoction and they all asked for the recipe...which I got from my sister after tasting it!  It’s so simple and nutritious, I’m sharing with you as well:    


1 teaspoon ginger powder

1-2 teaspoons minced garlic or garlic powder

3 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp mirin (or regular white wine if you don’t have it!)

2 teaspoons sesame oil

4 salmon fillets (about 4oz each)

freshly ground pepper and parsley to taste

HOW TO MAKE (Serves 4)

Put all ingredients besides the salmon into a gallon zip lock bag and mix together.  Then add in the salmon fillets and let marinate in the fridge for ~ 2 hours (at least 30 minutes). 

Preheat oven to 375°F. Place the marinated salmon fillets (skin side down) on a non-stick baking tray, drizzle any extra sauce on top and cook for 12-15 minutes (test to make sure the thickest part of salmon is cooked before you pull out but never over cook!).  All done!

If you’re not already, hopefully this simple recipe is incentive for you to start incorporating these three skincare super foods into your weekly rotation.  I think eating them all together is easy and delicious too!