Intermittent Fasting Is Even Good For Your Skin

By Susie

  • I started intermittent fasting after a pre-diabetic scare to lose weight
  • After a few months, I've found that not only does it help with weight loss, it's great for your skin health too
  • I intend to keep this up for a while!

My husband and I recently had our annual physicals and found out we were both pre-diabetic. My husband didn’t take the news well. He came home, got on the treadmill and hasn’t gotten off since. 

I on the other hand, in a very concerted effort to be healthy, skipped dessert that night…and have had plenty of dessert since.

In addition to being pre-diabetic, I’ve always gone up and down in weight. I’ve never been big but also have never been able to hit my goal weight. I’m realistic and know the number from my college years is long gone. My goal these days is simple: just jiggle less. 

I heard from the doctor that this particular type of diabetes can be prevented with exercise and a healthy diet. I know myself and I knew that if I was going to make any changes, it would have to be something sustainable.

I’m not one to exercise all the time.  I’m also not willing to give up everything that tastes good - as in sweets and anything in carb form. As a BLT (busy-lazy-tired) mom, I can only meal prep the one I’m about to eat.

Enter intermittent fasting! I had heard about it for a while and expected it to be a fad that has a lot of criticism. As I researched it though, I could only find data supporting it, especially ones that last 16 hours – so you’re eating during 8 hours during the day and fasting for the remaining 16 hours each day. 

I’ve been intermittent fasting for a few months now and have already benefited from many of the benefits studies talk about.  In particular, below are some of the specifics:

  1. Reduced calorie intake can promote longevity and reduce aging. Check! I’ve been able to lose weight which made my face look thinner and fasting reduces sugar cravings which has really helped my skin.
  2. Fasting can increase autophagy, the process linked to recycling cells in the body. It’s linked to many health benefits including reduced risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Also, could be what leads to better skin in some people due to the skin turnover.
  3. Helps with stubborn weight loss. As mentioned above, I’ve been able to finally make progress in jiggling less. I have also found that even after a bad weekend of eating, I’m able to maintain and not gain once I fast throughout the week.
  4. Fasting can reduce inflammation and gut health. If you think about it, during fasting you’re giving your body and digestive system a break and chance to reboot.
  5. So many more benefits I don’t have room to talk about!

If you’re curious about it, do the research yourself and give it a try. I found I was so busy in the mornings I was almost already doing it. But now I’m more consistent and mindful of what I’m eating during my eat window which is typically from noon to 8pm.

You might find it’s not adding something to your hectic life, like a new workout or diet, but rather not doing something and simplifying that ultimately does the trick. 

In particular, if you’re looking for a lifestyle change that will not only help keep the weight off but also help your skin and overall health, I would highly recommend you try it.  Remember, everyone is different so make sure you do the research, talk to your experts and ease into it!