Footcare As Part Of Skincare

By Minji

  • Good circulation, from your scalp to your feet, is at the core of a healthy complexion
  •  In Eastern medicine, the foot is considered the second heart of the human body and focused on to boost circulation
  • Read on for simple ways to incorporate footcare as part of your daily skincare routine

The more I delve into skincare and try out different products and experiences, the more I am convinced that good circulation is at the core of a healthy complexion.  Theoretically, it makes sense.

We need fresh, oxygenated and nutrient rich blood pumping through our veins and our lymph fluids circulating fluidly in order to properly flush out toxins and nourish skin cells.  It’s like a well-oiled machine or cleansing your skin from the inside out.  I’ve also directly seen the benefits in practice.  The more I move my body and engage in nightly face massages, I can see and feel my skin exuding a healthy radiance. 

My focus on good circulation brings my attention to the feet in particular.  Our body is interconnected, so if you want good fresh blood pumping through your face, it would make sense to make sure you have good circulation everywhere else in your body, from top to bottom. 

In terms of top, it’s the scalp.  This is why I am a huge fan of scalp care as part of skincare as discussed in further detail here.  In terms of bottom, it’s the feet.  It’s also necessary to look down at your feet and find ways to incorporate footcare as part of skincare.   

Growing up in Seoul, I was constantly exposed to Eastern medicine influences and have heard the saying, “the foot is the second heart of the human body,” many times.  Lots of people in the Western world tend to ignore the importance of feet, but in Asia, feet are considered an an integral part of our overall health. 

Remember how the actress with gorgeous skin from the movie Parasite also discussed the importance of keeping your feet warm when she shared her wellness secrets? 

Many key acupuncture points are located in the feet and it is believed that stimulating certain parts of the foot is critical for good circulation.  So how can we all start taking better care of our feet to optimize circulation and ultimately achieve a healthier complexion?

Below are some super easy tips to incorporate into your daily living:

  • indulge in a foot massage habit - not only will it feel amazing and help relieve fatigue, it will boost circulation in your extremities and help you glow. I personally keep an electric foot and calf massager next to my bed and try to use it for around five minutes twice a week or so.
  • elevate your feet higher than your heart once in a while – have you noticed that when you go for facials or massages, good therapists will automatically do this for you? that’s why maskitation is so great too!
  • keep feet warm at all times – especially at night, wear socks or slippers to avoid getting them ice cold on unheated floors. In Seoul, my mom and sisters all wear special sleep socks to bed!  Some experts say keeping feet warm can actually help you fall asleep and keep you in deep slumber.
  • use a foot roller or a ball - a lot of people turn to this after they already have pain, but it’s a good idea to incorporate these tools earlier to help boost circulation and keep feet happy and healthy.

If you’re with me and believe that good circulation is essential for skin health, stop ignoring your two beautiful feet and give them the attention and care they deserve.  Taking better care of your feet and listening to the signals they are sending can help you learn more about your health, as well as ensure a healthy glow.