Extending The "Freshness Factor"

By Charity

  • What does it take to stay fresh till the end of the day? 
  • Observing and testing has led me to three practical tips for extending the "freshness factor"
  • Carry travel size deodorant; use underarm wipes; and wear natural fibers

Have you ever wondered what it takes to stay fresh till the end of the day? I've struggled for a long time to find solutions for keeping my underarms fresh, with the ultimate goal of minimizing malodor. There are so many things interacting with our body chemistry.

Traveling is one of the most difficult situations in which to control these variables for the purpose of mitigating unpleasant aromas. I take many day trips for work, hopping on and off planes for meetings with clients. I go through at least six different environments within five hours before arriving to a meeting: leave the office, take the taxi, sit in a compressed air pocket on the plane, step into the airport bathroom, use a random rideshare, have lunch in a restaurant and arrive to the client's office. As you can imagine, by the time I get to my destination, whatever ounce of 'freshness' I left the house with is long gone.

Moving in and out of different environments within compressed periods of time usually will have me sweat through my morning application of deodorant. It's taken me some time to learn how my body reacts to these external factors. Observing and testing along the way has led me to three practical tips for extending what I like to call the freshness factor.

Carry travel size deodorant: If you have found your deodorant crush, then stick with it and make sure you carry a travel size version everywhere you go. I like the liquid roll-on deodorants because they are quick to apply (swipe left or swipe right) and the product absorbs into my skin without any concerns of leaving residue on my clothes. It's also easier to apply the roll-on while driving . . . (this behavior I do not recommend, but know that I understand emergency situations do call for desperate measures at times).

Use underarm wipes: If I'm really on the go, the bacteria on my underarms will threaten to break down my sweat and release malodors before the second half of the day arrives. ENTER UNDERARM WIPES. I will never go anywhere else without them. I use hypoallergenic wipes infused with coconut oil. They are softer than Charmin toilet paper on your buttocks. The underarm wipes essentially resets the freshness clock, as it gently washes away any lingering sweat and build up of bacteria. They are great for combating sweat stains and body odors especially when traveling and have become my closest companion when on the road.

Wear natural fibers: The best tip, however, comes from understanding the chemical reactions between our skin, bacteria and textile fibers. One study showed that interactions with synthetic fibers not only increase the intensity of malodors, but also produces different strains of bacteria than natural fibers. For example, because of the molecular structure of polyester, those fabrics do not absorb very well and leave little breathing room. Cotton, on the other hand, is very breathable and absorbs great, reducing the amount of bad odors released. Aeration is key to managing bad smells - our pits need to breathe! When traveling, wear 100% cotton or other natural fibers for a better outcome.

The freshness factor is highly desirable and readily obtainable with a few simple tricks and additions to your product collection. Experiment and see how you can make your freshness factor last!