Eliminating Sugar Did Wonders For My Eyes

By Minji

  • Cutting out sugar helps decrease inflammation that breaks down collagen and elastin
  • A 10-day sugar elimination diet did wonders for my under-eye bags
  • Try reducing the sugar in your diet in stages for sustainable healthy skin

I struggle with skin elasticity and other skin issues, but I’m generally lucky with wrinkles.  So far, once in a while I’ll notice some hints of them, but never to the degree where they really bug me.  Even my harshest (but also most loving) critics, my sisters, won’t comment on them.  Enemy number one for me has always been my under-eye bags. 

This area will often look saggy, hollow and dark, all at the same time.  This is the one area I regularly apply concealer to when I wear makeup.  In my weakest moments, I still dream of a “quick fix.” I use an under-eye massaging tool maybe 3-4 times a week that helps somewhat with the general puffiness, but it doesn’t fully fix the problem.  I even tried doubling up on eye cream – first using a lighter cooler version, then towards the end of my routine, piling on something a bit richer and moisturizing.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this has been effective, especially considering the cost.

The only thing that truly worked for my under-eye bags was eliminating (or more accurately, drastically reducing) sugar.  I love experimenting and I’ve foolishly tried most fad diets with big hopes of radical change.  You know how you feel before starting some big program or a cleanse?  I’m a woman who believes in miracles, and I honestly sometimes feel like it will really change me – like a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. 

None of these efforts has done that for me, but going on the no-sugar diet for 10 days did noticeably reduce my under-eye bags.  I eliminated all refined sugar and even with fruit, was careful to stick to berries or grapefruit, the ones known to contain a lower level of sugar. 

According to experts, cutting out sugar helps decrease inflammation in the skin that produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, resulting in sagginess, wrinkles and under-eye bags too.  I had heard this before, but actually seeing it work is what made me give up my beloved cupcakes and chocolate croissants.  Just after 10 days, my under-eye area looked brighter and tighter, to the degree that I didn’t really notice it as a problem area anymore.

If you have a massive sweet tooth (like me) – try getting rid of sugar in steps.  I’m one of those girls who used to rather eat a cookie than a full meal, so trust me, I can assure you it’s easier in moderation.  First, focus on cutting out candy and other refined and processed sugars - so the worst kind of sugar, the kind of sugar that comes in a bag, is filled with weird colors and can last for years.  Once you’ve confidently done this, cut out simple carbs like white bread and rice, desserts and anything else besides fruit that tastes overly sweet. 

For me, moving from the first stage to this stage took two years.  Experts say a habit is not yours unless you’ve done it without relapse for at least 6 months so know that the transition will take time.  This step is obviously much harder than the first, but a game-changer.  I couldn’t do it perfectly without relapse, so I still let myself have dessert if I’m on vacation or out at a fancy meal.  

The third and last step, is being careful even with fruit.  Eat more berries and only indulge in mangoes, cherries and bananas once in a while.  I’m not here yet, and not sure I’ll ever get there.  Frankly, I'm still wondering if I even want to get there ever, but wanted to share the tip at least.  An apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away.  These days, it seems an apple should be considered a treat worth savoring if you’re trying to eliminate sugar!