Cellulite – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

By Minji

  • When it comes to cellulite, there’s no one treatment that works for everyone
  • Don’t give up though and develop a daily regimen that works for your unique brand of cellulite
  • The key is to boost circulation and stimulate collagen production

You know how you have that one area of the body that most of your fat goes too?  That stubborn part where once the fat settles in, it’s almost impossible to get rid of?  It seems for most people, it’s their stomach.  For me, it’s my thighs.  I’ve always had thighs that were larger in proportion to other parts of my body.  Thigh gap? Even during my skinniest years in life, unfathomable.  I once went for a massage at a Korean spa where my masseuse told me she thought I was thin until she saw my thighs (side note: you might be horrified by this, but cultural difference are at play here and I’m pretty sure she didn’t say this to offend me, nor was I offended). 

It runs in the family.  I was born with it.  One of the funniest moments on my family group chat thread was when my mom sent around an article about thigh circumference and Alzheimer’s.  Hard to believe, but scientists proved a correlation, and the bigger your thighs, the lower changes of Alzheimer’s.  Woohoo!  We all laughed and rejoiced.  However, regardless of its potential benefits, my plump thighs have presented me with a life long battle with cellulite. 

I’ve tried a bunch of things.  I’ve gone to spas for cellulite targeted massages.  I’ve tried creams, gadgets, dry brushing, etc.  Nothing has really noticeably improved my situation but I can’t give up.  What if not doing anything makes it worse…to a degree where the damage is irreversible? 

These days my regimen can be summarized as follows.  I dry brush 3-4 times a week, typically before I jump in the shower.  Dry brushing has other skin and health benefits, so it’s not just for the cellulite, but cellulite is one of the things that crosses my mind when I’m doing this.  Also, once I get out from a shower, I’ll apply cellulite targeted moisturizer to the lower half of my body – so starting from my hips and down to my toes.  Then most days I use some kind of massaging tool to massage and roll out the cellulite on my thighs for a quick minute or two.  With this daily practice, my cellulite doesn’t seem to be getting much worse even with the years.  If I had to say, my cellulite looks like it’s found a steady state - a happy medium of sorts. 

Last time I visited Dr. Moradi’s office, I asked about this.  The answer was that there’s no one magic answer when it comes to cellulite.  It’s really a very unique and different situation for each person.  Kind of cool to think of our cellulite in this way – like magical snowflakes, not one is exactly like the other.  Some in-office treatments can be effective on some people, but not everyone.  Also, there really is no treatment that is effective long-term.  Did I mention most require multiple sessions and the treatments are usually super expensive too?  The answer is a bit frustrating, but when it comes to cellulite, it really seems like your best bet is to understand your unique situation and build a long-term daily regimen that works for you.        

I might experiment a bit more with different flavors of massaging tools and cellulite targeted creams, but overall, I think I’ll stick to what I have.  At the end of the day, like many other skincare issues, it comes down to boosting circulation and stimulating collagen production.  Considering cellulite is supposed to get worse with age, steady state seems like a win at this point.  Any one have better ideas they want to share?