BLT Mom Presents: Stickers For My Nails (Nail Series Pt. 4)

  • As a BLT (busy lazy tired) mom, I've had to give up expert nail appointments
  • I've found an easier solution in nail stickers!
  • Not only do they save me tons of time, they're healthier for my nails too

I call myself BLT (busy lazy tired!) mom, but I have an alter ego. Just like Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce, I too have an extravagant version of myself. She has hair that’s perfectly coiffed, eyelashes that reach her eyebrows, thighs that don’t touch when she walks, and nails always on point. This alter ego has one arch nemesis though and it's name is time, as in I have none.

So what’s my reality? Hair that looks presentable and gets compliments from time to time, eyelashes that do reach my eyebrows as long as I go in every three weeks to get them filled and thighs that rub so closely I sometimes wonder if the friction could kindle a fire. I’ve learned to accept and love this version of myself for many different reasons but the last issue remaining is what to do with my nails. I still have a love hate relationship with my nails that has yet to be reconciled. I love the way they look when they are polished but I hate getting them done.

If you’ve read any of my past posts, as a BLT mom, you’ll see that I’m all about sustainable practices with efficient life-hacks. When it comes to skincare routines, healthy eating, mindfulness, etc,. I’ve learned that if it’s simple and sustainable I can stick to it and make it work even on my schedule.

I’ve come to the conclusion that going to a specialist to get my nails done is not sustainable (and not even possible these days!). On the rare occasion that I had time to get my nails done, they would be gel.  Then very often, I'd be too strapped for time to go in again for a follow up.  I'd find that my nails had grown out so much between appointments that they would look like my two year old had tried to give me a french manicure.  Only the tips of my nails would be painted in an uneven and blotchy fashion.

What's even worse is that during this lapse of time, I would eventually pick at the gel and destroy my nails underneath. Not only did my nails look unpresentable, they were becoming unhealthy too.  That was the end of the straw - I desperately started looking for a BLT mom hack for nails and discovered stickers! 

These days I keep my nails short and clean and mainly focus on them looking healthy.  However, on those rare occasions I want to call on my alter ego, I rely on stickers I get from the drugstore instead of picking up the phone to book an appointment.  You might have already read about my affinity for stickers - they not only can help treat pimples, but they also make sense for a quick nail solution! 

Stickers for nails have come a long way.  I’m not talking about press ons or borrowing my daughters My Little Pony nail decals. There are stickers out there that can be customized to your nail shape, last a week and peel off without damaging your nails.  The colors and designs are getting more and more sophisticated and they give the appearance of a full gel manicure. Here’s a tip - put clear nail polish as a top coat to help them stick on for even longer. 

Personally, I have few hours during the weekend to spend on something recreational. I enjoy my time with the kids. If I do want to practice some self care I have to choose - work out, facial, massage, time with friends. So I go for the things that will have a lasting effect- work out and try to get my thighs to social distance themselves from each other, get a facial so I can further my goal of healthy looking skin or spend time with friends to feed my soul.  If you’re like me and time is hard to find, then give nail stickers a try. You can do them while  watching Netflix, multi-tasking at it’s best.

As I sit here with eyelashes that look like a spork and have about three left hanging on by a dot of glue, my focus slowly shifts from my nails to my eye lashes.  Deep down inside, I know I'll have to consider letting those go too. I’ll do some research and report back on what BLT mom hacks I can find for lashes next time!